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CPAP Masks
Profile Lite   (Respironics)                        $ 89.95 
The Ultimate in Comfort. With its soft, light space-age gel cushion, this  Gel Mask is extremely comfortable the second you put it on. Or you can customize it easily for a truly personal fit. Gel spacers support the mask and relieve pressure on the bridge of the nose. (With headgear $121.95)
Comfort Classic™ (Respironics)                            $ 79.95 
The latest addition to the Comfort Series, this new mask has been designed to fit most people with only two sizes. It has a dual position gel spacer and a new built in silent exhalation valve that disperses air quietly and gently. 
(With headgear $99.95)   
OptiLife Nasal Pillow Mask  (Respironics)     $179.95

The OptiLife is easy to use and lightweight. No center bar to obstruct your view and no forehead support. The angle of the cushions is easily adjustable for a leak-free seal. The headgear straps are easy to adjust without any buckles or clips. A built-in chin support has been added to the headgear for stability. The exhalation vent was designed with tiny holes for a quiet, softer air release.

ComfortGel™  (Respironics)                                $139.95
The ComfortGel Nasal Mask brings a premium level of fit and comfort to the Comfort Series. An exciting approach to fully customizable gel masks combines proven comfort features with a host of new innovations. The changes to the ComfortGel help the mask fit better than ever, and that helps to improve compliance. Complete with headgear.

FlexiFit™ Series HC407  (Fisher Paykel)         $139.95
This new premium mask provides a breakthrough in comfort and flexibility using innovative mask design. Its sleek size with its improved foam cushion makes the HC407 user-friendly and less intimidating. The silicone seal covering the foam provides a better fit and greater comfort for faces of every shape and every size. Incredibly lightweight and easy to wear, all night long. Includes headgear.

Opus 360 Nasal Pillow Mask (Fisher-Paykel)         $179.95

The Opus 360  is a small and light mask with comfortable soft pillows and headgear. The design allows for sleeping in any position without the mask becoming dislodged. The diffuser reduces the noise level and draft from the exhaust port. The pillows come in Small, Medium, and Large size, making this a convenient out-of-box solution. If you never tried nasal pillows, this is the time to give it a try; you'll love this mask.

FlexiFit™ Full Face Mask (Fisher-Paykel)              $225.00

This mask is designed with under chin support to provide stability and seal without having the tighten the headgear too much. The proven FlexiFit™ Technology and Glider™ Strap provide a full face mask that is extremely easy to fit straight out of the box. Includes headgear. Most CPAP users love this mask.
 Comfort Gel Full Face Mask Gel (Respironics)          $225.00
Other models are available on location. If you don't see what you need please call us.
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